How to get there (From Budapest)

By car:

Budapest – Motorway M3- – Motorway M30 to Miskolc, – Highway No. 3 to Szikszó, in Szikszó turn left towards Alsóvadász (a left turn at the church) – Leaving the village of Homrogd drivers can choose from 2 alternative routes:

1. Kupa – Felsővadász – Gadna – Abaújlak, Szanticska

2. Monaj – Selyeb – Nyésta – Abaújszolnok, Szanticska

By public transport:

By train or couch from Budapest via Miskolc to Szikszó, then by the local bus service towards Szanticska, the bus stop is about 300 metres from the village.